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We are a proud PADI dive center located in Side, Turkey which means we thrive on quality service, safety and of course a lot of fun! We’ve been rewarded with the TripAdvisor 2016 and 2017 Certificate of Excellence, won the Project AWARE 2016 #MyDiveSite contest, became Diving Company of the Year at the European Luxury Travel Guide 2017, 2018 and 2019 Awards and have been featured in a few magazines and online articles.

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Side Azura – PADI dive center


Side is undoubtedly one of the most famous historical places of Turkey. The city was founded on a peninsula around the 7th century B.C. and the ancient name of this port means pomegranate.

Side is primarily known for its beautiful ruins, beaches and shopping centers where you especially can shop for gold and leather. You also can enjoy your time here at the many fine cafes and restaurants that serve Turkish and other cuisine. Or immerse yourself in the nightlife until the early hours in one of the many bars.

The narrow side streets are bursting of the many typical Turkish handicraft shops. One of the most famous attractions is the ancient theater, and it is with its loggia, the oldest in the region. It has the seating capacity of 15.000 people so don’t miss the view! Other monuments that are worth to visit are the Temple of Apollo which is located on the harbor, a fountain and an acropolis. The great Roman baths have been converted into museums where one of the finest archaeological collections is on display.



Scuba diving is a wonderful activity that can be done by experienced divers, but by novices and children as well. It’s something that can be done by the whole family and that makes it a great holiday activity. You can explore a world that others can’t see or only dream about. Unlike snorkeling, with diving you can really enter that other, almost magical world, which makes it a truly special thing to do.


We offer a one year photo & video back-up service, free of charge!


We edit each photo one by one to ensure you the best possible quality


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A happy dive is a happy life. We strive to give each guest an unique experience


Our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience. We love what we do and we hope to inspire our guests.

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1. We welcome you at the dive center. When you’re settled, you fill in our safety forms and we give information about the dive that you’re going to make. What information we give, depends on your certification. If you are certified we give other information than if you’re new to diving.

Of course we do give information about the weather, the diving location, the depth and what you can see and expect, we tell about our boat and details about how the program will look like. Everything from beginning till end!

2. We are going to collect your diving equipment. We check the size of your BCD, fins and wetsuit. If you are not certified, we will manage the preparation of your diving equipment for you. If you are certified, you’ll now how to prepare your equipment. If you’re certified but haven’t been diving for a while, we will help you where needed! (You can do a refreshment course prior your dive if you want)

3. Now, if you are not certified, you need to do a small try-out for safety measurements. In shallow water you will experience how it feels to breath under water, to see underwater and how it feels to be weightless. On land all equipment feels heavy.. but underwater? No worries.. you’ll feel like a feather in a soft summer breeze! You will learn a few basic skills as well, like how you need to clean your mask under water and how to behave in this underwater world.

4. After this small check, you’re ready to go! We will bring all equipment to the boat and off we go! All our locations are nearby so you can sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful view till we are at the dive spot. 

5. At the dive spot we will give you all equiment. We help you to wear everything properly and again we give some info about how to enter the water, how to descent with the line, and other important safety measures. You’ll enter the water and…

6. The fun part starts! You’ll slowly descend under the supervision of the instructor or dive master. Slowly you’ll enter the underwater world. In the beginning this might feel a bit weird if you never tried diving before, just relax! At the bottom you can sit in the sand. You’ll get time to adapth yourself in this new world. Now it’s time to enjoy! See if you can find beautiful fishes, octopusses or large Caretta turtles and experience the amazing feeling of diving! If you wish we can take photos and videos of your wonderful experience. We will show you the magical world of scuba!

7. After about 40 minutes it’s time to get back to the line. Slowly we ascend to the surfase. We willl take your equipment and after that we’ll help you to get into the boat and turn back to the dive center. There we will do a de-briefing; we share experiences and you can ask any questions you like. Did you like it? Do you want to make another dive or start a courseprogram to get certified? Everything is possible!

The majority of our guests gave us a 5 star review.
We continue doing our best to give every single guest an amazing experience.

Side Azura 5 star rating

Henk S. via Zoover

Good for the beginner and more experienced diver. Very satisfied with the staff, good reliable dive equipment and super hospitality.

Sabrina Z. via TripAdvisor

This experience made our vacation. You made us fall in love with diving and this made our holiday so special! 

Walther A. via Zoover

Professional, honest and trustworthy. We had a great experience with a wonderful photo-reportage and video, which is really worth it!

Andrew M. via TripAdvisor

Amazing first dive. The people at the center were extremely professional in every aspect from my daughters tuition and all the way through the dive.