Frequently Asked Questions

Can you collect from our hotel?

Yes, we can! We are happy to announce that from June, 2016, we can offer / arrange private transfers from and to your hotel. We offer these transfers for the best possible rates! You can make your payment in cash to your driver or to us by banktransfer / PayPal when you book your diving program online with us. When you come with 2 or more persons, wifi and unlimited softdrinks will be available in your private bus during the journey. Side VIP Transfer offer families a wide range of seats suitable for children of all ages as well. All free of charge. You will be picked up at your hotel and your personal driver will bring you directly to the beach we’re at. After your scuba dive program, the driver is ready to bring you back again to your hotel. Like a true VIP. Please let us know when you would like us to arrange a transfer for you, we’re happy to help!

To give an example about the prices: The regions of Çolaklı, Evrenseki, Ilıca, Kumköy, Side, Titreyengöl and Sorgun:

  • 1 person: 10 euro in total
  • 2-7 persons: 20 euro in total
  • 8-15 persons: 40 euro in total

These prices includes the pickup and return back to the hotel. Do you stay in another area? Please contact us for pricing information. You can find us on Google Maps to see where we are and we are always happy to assist you in finding your route if you would like to come without transfer service.

How long am I under water?

We make pool dives, beach dives and boat dives. We never stay a whole day at sea.  The timetable for our dives (that you are actually under water) is as following:

  • Try out in pool: +/- 15 minutes.
  • Pool dives: +/- 20 minutes.
  • Beach dives: +/- 30 minutes.
  • Wreck dives: Max. 39 minutes incl. 3 min. safety stop. We dive without decompression.
  • Other dives: +/- 45 minutes.

The total diving experience will take about 2 hours. (double dives about 3 to 3.5 hours) This is including the tryout, the briefing about the dive, preparing your equipment (your instructor will do this for you when you have no diving experience) the transfer with our boat, the dive itself and the evaluation after the dive.

How big are the diving groups?

Like most of our guests, we like to keep it personal. In general we take 2-4 persons per dive. So most of the time it means one family or one group of friends per dive. We prefer to work individually, one-by-one, with a small group of divers, so you don’t have to wait for other divers.

Do I need to sign a statement?

Yes. All persons that come to dive with us need to sign a statement of risk and liability and a medical statement. This is a standard practice in diving centers all over the world. If you have any health issues you may still be able to dive, just ask the instructor. Also you can ask your doctor to be sure.

Can you capture the experience for me?

Yes, we can! We (can) make underwater photos and videos during each dive. Each photo will be edited one by one to ensure that you get the best possible quality and photos with true colors.

If you decide to take them, we’ll send you everything by OneDrive or we add them a memory-stick provided by us, or your own if you brought one with you. Of course you will receive all originals. Besides this we offer a one-year backup free of charge.

I lost my photos from last year. Can you help me?

Yes we can. We offer all our guests a one year back-up service, free of charge. Please contact us via the contact form and tell us the names from the persons and the (approximate) diving date. We will resend the photos and videos via OneDrive.