The best possible quality and service!

We understand our guests when they say that they want to have their Scuba experience captured on photos and videos. For themselves but also to show back home to their loved ones.

Our instructors are very skilled in underwater photography. Partly we depend on the weather conditions, but in general the team know how to create the best experience. We work together to get the best out of each picture.

We have a skilled photo editor in the house that knows what to do to bring back the beautiful colors. Even if the visibility wasn’t that good, the editor know’s how to take away the ‘milky haze’ in a picture. Each photo will be checked and edited to be sure that you get the best possible quality.

We can say with confidence, that this is an unique service that can’t be found at other dive centers in the area. And even with this service, it’s all without obligation. Prior to your decision, you can enjoy your time by watching your slideshow -yes, we take it to the next level and make a great remembrance that you’ll love to show to your family and friends.

If you would like to purchase the photos and videos we’ll note down your e-mail address and send them the day before you go home via OneDrive or we add them on a memory-stick, provided by us or your own memory-stick /  sd-card. And last but not least: We have a one year back-up service, free of charge! Did you somehow lose your data? Don’t worry, just contact us! We will find your pictures and will re-send them.